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Online Inventory ⁄ Billing System

Seprate Login

Our Inventory Management system have seprate login for every user like Admin, Purchase Officer/Manager, Wharehouse, and Sales. Their have own login and own access


Our Inventory Management System have clean design for every user. For example, if Purchase office or Mangaer logged in, our system shows only their modeules on home and clear idea.


Our Inventory Management System have reports on every important modules. Purchase office, Sales, Warehouse and Admin all get reports from their module, etc...


Transactions are at the heart of inventory management and we make it easy to perform transactions

Create as many user accounts as you need
Specify which items or locations users can access
Admin can change passwords for users, add, and delete users with easy
Export reports in excel or csv format
Popular standard reports
No need to sync data from multiple clients
Updates occur instantly, no more waiting for transactions to post
Easily view all of your Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Status Reports at your fingertips
View your un received Purchase orders by Vendor or Item
Override the payment terms on the transaction
Override the currency on the transaction
Easily adjust the per item cost on the Purchase Order

Magic Sharing

Share your inventory information with employees without giving them the chance to screw anything up, or see what you don't want them to see. Plus, you can customize the user interface to make training a breeze.

Easy Access

The primary job of inventory software is to make it easier to find your stuff, not harder.So all of our inventory views come with search and filter boxes .This makes it dirt simple for someone with very little knowledge of your products to find things fast.

Multiple Role

All actions performed in Clearly Inventoryoccur in real time.So when multiple users are accessing inventory you can rest assured that they're all seeing the latest information.